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the process

When we are developing a strategic-driven campaign we start with the understanding of the digital landscape and how it applies to your brand and industry. We help you identify and plan the specific campaign goals. We show what to measure, and how often, so our campaigns to be optimized for achieving your targeted goals.


A good strategy is nothing without a great execution. Strategy brought together independent of creativity is not a solid foundation point to work from. And when we talk about creativity, we don’t just mean nice images (although they can sometimes be important). We mean creativity in all aspects – design, innovative technologies, compelling content and great ideas. Ideas that captivate and engage.


Effective communications campaigns are now an ongoing conversation, not a single, isolated event. To be successful in today’s socially networked world, we are all publishers. Web sites, blogs, social networks are the core communication tools of today’s digital marketer. We help brands to communicate efficiently and effectively.


Measurement and monitoring is the core of all great digital marketing communications. We generate for you complete reports on how the campaigns are performing; we are including traffic analytics, conversion rates and comprehensive social media monitoring. Only ongoing campaign monitoring ensures that we can respond and improve based on the customer’s interaction and feedback.

the work

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Integrated Campaign Planning and Brand Management
Corporate Identity, Logo Development and Graphic Standards
Advertising Campaign Development: Print|TV|Radio|Web
Websites|Interactive Design and Development
Interactive Advertising, Banners, Landing Pages and Microsites
Pay-per-Click Campaigns
Site Management, Blog Integration, eCommerce Strategy
Content Creation and Curation
Social Media Strategy and Execution – Facebook|Linkedin| Twitter|Youtube
Direct Response, Direct Mail and email Marketing
Promotion and Sweepstakes(Traditional, Online and Integrated)
Research and Planning
Measurement and ROI Analysis

About Us

id_agency is a creative entity that brings together a group of young but experienced talents in the field of web design, brand identity and online marketing. For over 9 years, we have used our expertise to help businesses in various sectors to connect with their customers and generate sales, revenue and interest.

From consumer product launches to efficient B2B communications, we use the most current tools and strategies to get the best results.Let’s face it, it’s tough out there and having the right strategic communications partner with the appropriate arsenal is the only way to win.